New Feature: Register Map Sharing

As a first step towards the goal of enabling true collaborative work between team members, airhdl now supports sharing register maps in a read-only way. This means that any airhdl user with a Professional subscription (which is just $199 per year or $16 per month) can now share his/her register maps with any other airhdl user. The recipient will have the right to view the shared register map, and to generate the corresponding files.

Let’s have a look at how to actually share a register map in airhdl.

At the bottom of the register map overview, you’ll notice a new “Sharing” section. To share the current register map, click on the “+ Share” link at the bottom of the table.


Then, in the “Share Register Map” dialog, enter the e-mail address of the user with whom you’d like to share (please make sure to enter the e-mail address that the user actually uses to log-in to airhdl), and click the Share button.


The newly created permission then appears in the sharing table:


When the recipient user logs in, the register map will appear in his list of register maps, in the “Shared Register Maps” section:



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