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Preview Features

The airhdl application is under active development, driven by user feedback and feature suggestions. Before a new feature is released to the whole user base, it usually undergoes a beta phase where it is deployed only to a subset of the airhdl users for initial evaluation and test. The first users to get access to a new feature are typically the ones that either requested or expressed interest in the feature via our UserVoice page.

Here is the list of the current airhdl preview features:

Feature FlagDescriptionFeature RequestIntroduced
generic-array-lengthMake the length of register arrays configurable via a generic parameter.4569203522-JAN-2023
packed-structsAdd an option to declare the SystemVerilog structs as packed (see description here).n/a14-JAN-2023
volatile-fieldsAdd support for volatile fields, i.e. read-write fields with separate ports for the read and write values.n/a07-JAN-2023

If you'd like to try out any of these features, our technical support team will be happy to enable them for you.