New Feature: Markdown Generator

Following a user request, airhdl is introducing a new a Markdown documentation generator. You can now choose to download your register map documentation in either HTML or Markdown formats:

In case you haven’t come across Markdown before, it’s lightweight, text-based markup format that was initially proposed by John Gruber. You can find a description of the Markdown syntax here.

Markdown being such a popular markup language, it is well supported by source code editors such as Visual Studio Code or Eclipse. Besides that, there are many other tools for processing Markdown documents.

For example, you can use the Python grip package to render a Markdown document in a web browser:

python grip

Or you can use pandoc to convert a Markdown document to a PDF file:

pandoc -o my_regs.pdf

We hope that you’ll find the new Markdown documentation generator useful!

Published by

Guy Eschemann

Founder and CEO at noasic GmbH.